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Odotei And Akambi made a plot to damage my reputation as manager in Hearts – Ben Adjei

Former Hearts Of Oak Manager, Ben Adjei has disclosed that Vincent Odotei Sowah And Alhaji Akambi planned to tarnish his name and image to the Hearts Of Oak Board.

Ben Adjei in an interview with Oyerepa FM in Kumasi revealed what transpared between him and Vincent Odotei Sowah;

According to him, the club’s administration on Tuesday called him to schedule a meeting between him and some board members of which he accepted. He met the secretary on Wednesday morning but was asked to wait for Odotei Sowah And Alhaji Akambi who were said to be on their way coming.

He said, “I have no business doing with them and the secretary said they just want to sit and address the issues that popped-up so they see where exactly the problem was”.

Ben Adjei revealed that he won’t sit to address any problem and if it’s because of that he was called then he was going and he thought they called him because of his unpaid bonuses and if it’s because of this sitting and addressing of issues then he is leaving.

He added that, if they know there is a problem to address they should have sent him a letter calling for a meeting to be addressed instead.

“I told them I don’t have any issue to address and i left the office. Leaving the office I saw Odotei arriving and parking his car, when he saw me he came out of his car to attack me saying that am telling people that he brought a player to be signed and I also didn’t take it easily at all and I also freed him my mind and I told him is not bigger and higher than me in Hearts”. He said.

He indicated that, he was an assistant for three Managers and from 2012 till now he has been able to provide the club with 5 solid players and if Odotei has even brought up one player who is good enough. If he is able to confirm it then he (Ben Adjei) didn’t see were he went wrong for letting them deny a player who was not good enough for Hearts.

“I brought players like Paul Acquah, Isaac Mensah, Hamsah Mohammed, Robin Nyann and their current captain Fatawu Mohammed so he is not bigger than me in the team”. He made it known to Odotei.

He further added that, in his playing days there was a guy named falcao and he Odotei always came to see him play.

Ben Adjei was asked to step aside as Hearts of Oak Team Manager following the return of Saban Quaye who was excited of his duties due to health conditions.

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