Ronaldinho sheds light on detention in Paraguay

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Former world player of the year Ronaldinho was arrested in Paraguay for traveling with an invalid passport a couple of months ago.

After being arrested, Ronaldinho was held in detention for a number of weeks which according to the Brazilian seemed like an eternity.

‘Gaucho’ has revealed how tough the situation has been for him and his brother who are still under house arrest after making bail on April 8.

“They are treating us very well, we are calm but is has been a long 60 days,” Ronaldinho explained in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

“We do sports and have a gym, but I think this complicated living experience will stay with us forever.

“People in their homes must imagine what it is like not being able to do what you are used to.”

Ronaldinho gave his thoughts on the ongoing pandemic and how it has affected the football world.

“We’re living through a pandemic that makes us think about next season,” he added.

“This one has been totally compromised with us not having matches for such a long period.

“Imagining empty stadiums without the energy that the fans give; it will take a lot for us to adapt to this new normality.”

He then revealed that a number of his former colleagues were very supportive during his ordeal.

“Barcelona always treated me with great affection and respect,” he confirmed.

“My former teammates such as [Carles] Puyol and Ronaldo [Nazario] know me very well and that this wasn’t an easy time for me.

“Their words were important and the fact they supported me allowed me to get through this storm.”