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Young midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu has revealed that his mother could not hold back her tears after informing her of his move to Kumasi Asante Kotko.

The gifted midfielder was signed by the Porcupine Warriors in 2018 from Division 1 side Phar Rangers.

Agyemang Badu suggested that his desire to play for Kumasi Asante Kotoko was somehow influenced by his mother’s feelings for the Kumasi-based club.

“My mum cried over the phone when I called to tell her that I have signed for Kotoko. She was a hawker in Accra in my boyhood days. Once I was hawking with her and we came across a newsstand. We saw the Kotoko Express with Prince Anokye’s picture boldly displayed on the front page.”

“My family stayed close with Prince Anokye’s family in Bohyen and we were family friends. My mum was happy seeing the picture and the level that Prince Anokye had gotten to. I saw the happiness in her eyes and I promised her I will also play for Kotoko and get my picture displayed in the paper.”

He added, “I went to the dining hall the day after the game and saw my picture boldly displayed in the national newspaper of Tanzania. I brought the paper to my mum when we returned. And she cried again.”