Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s new £430million superyacht nears completion

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich almost has his hands on his new £430million superyacht.

The Russian is famed for his travels on his picture-perfect yachts, but he clearly feels he is due an upgrade, splashing out almost half a billion on a new purpose-made model.

The 460ft Solaris comes with a swimming pool and a helipad and is nearing completion in a German shipyard ahead of this summer, as reported by The Sun.

The ship has no fewer than eight decks with 48 cabins, capable of holding 36 guests, as well as 60 crew members. It’s the seventh superyacht owned by the Chelsea boss.

The Russian Tycoon also has the Eclipse and has had five other yachts, including including the 162ft Sussurro, the 282ft Ecstasea, the Luna and the Pelorus, each 377ft, and the 371ft Grand Bleu.

Abramovich’s current yacht is actually a little bigger with the Eclipse measuring 533 ft, but the new model has plenty to offer, including two high-tech Azipod engines, which provide excellent manoeuvrability and remove any rudder.

The ship is currently being built in a shipyard in Bremen, Germany and is said to be close to going through sea trials before being handed over to Abramovich for summer travels.

“This will be the yacht of the year when she is launched later this year.

“Details are being kept top secret but she will be a magnificent addition for the owner.

“To give you an idea of the size of Solaris the yacht shed she is being built in is bigger and taller than Buckingham Palace so you have some idea of the dimensions.’ A source provided a brief information on the Solaris to The SUN.

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