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Tactics Commentary. Hearts VS Ebusua Dwarfs

Hello and welcome to this tactical commentary between Hearts of Oak and Ebusua Dwarfs. This match was riddled with penalties that were conceded via poor tackles from the last line of defense of each team. This match was interesting since we all wanted to know how Hearts Of Oak were going to play since they sacked their manager.


Having lost all four of their matches prior to this match, our lenses were rather narrowed to how exactly they were going to play. They drew two penalties that did not help in scrutinizing their attacking sequences well enough. What stood out was how two Hearts forward practically sat on the two Center backs of Ebusua Dwarfs. The movements of these two forwards coupled with the poor positioning of the Ebusua Dwarfs defense opened up a passing lane for a through ball which drew a foul in the box. I would give the credit to the midfielder for spotting that. The second penalty, which was a 1v1 situation on the left side of the Ebusua Dwarfs box, had the defender well beaten so he made a poor tackle that again resulted in the foul. Their final goal was again the result of the two central forwards. They kept giving the defense of the Ebusua Dwarfs team a headache. These two central forward kept their presence in the box to make themselves easily spotted. The only achilles heel to this Hearts side was the fact that they constantly gifted Ebusua Dwarfs space in their halfspaces. It resulted in so many chances  for the Ebusua Dwarfs, including the penalty and the first goal. They would have to plug that hole before it becomes a watering hole for goals.


Ebusua Dwarfs were the creators of their own peril. They had so many poor tackles and positioned themselves so badly in defense. Their marking in their defensive third was bad and that created passing lanes for the Hearts side. They scored two goals that were primarily from defensive lapses on the side of their opponents. Their intentional attempts to score was unfruitful since their crosses were dealt with. Although on one occasion it almost lead to a goal, it owed to a poor defensive attempt from the Hearts side.


This game was not a true reflection of the attacking prowess of Hearts of Oak. The defensive lapses of Ebusua Dwarfs and the lack of fire power from the Ebusua Dwarfs team was the reason for the result. This match could have easily been a drawn game.

NB: If you noticed anything that I missed don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section.

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