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I am willing and ready to fight in Ghana- Isaac Dogboe

Isaac Dogboe, former bantamweight champion has revealed that plans are underway to stage another bout in Ghana.

Dogboe said that it has been some years since he fought in the country and is eager to treat his fans with another bout.

He spoke in an interview that talks are being held with relevant stakeholders to achieve that aim. “Its been 3 years since I fought in Ghana. I am itching to fight in Ghana because the atmosphere is different.

“I know that given the conditions right now we have to put things together. We are speaking with the right people in order for us to do such a thing.

“The Rising Star Africa Promotions are open for business and hoping to stage a fight here in Ghana.” he revealed during the interview.

Dogboe’s last bout in the country was a victory against Mexican boxer Cesar Juarez. Dogboe handed him a 5th round knockout at the Bukom Boxing Arena. His last outing was also a knockout over Chris Avalos in July 2020.

He remains hopeful of annexing another world title and says he is working towards it. He adds that he is eyeing another bout with Emmanuel Navarette who defeated him in 2019.

“Obviously Navarrette is my nemesis like a demon that refuses to go out of your head and has been my toughest opponent since my professional career began. Navarette is one person that before I retire from boxing, I have to fight. It will happen, I’ve moved up to the featherweight division, he’s now the featherweight World Champion so there’s no doubt, it will happen when I become mandatory, he can’t deny me,” He said


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