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Continental club masters Accra hearts of oak will play their match day thirteen encounter against money bankers legon cities

Ahead of the game, both coaches believes their team will carry the day looking at the materials available to them

But here is how the statistics table show ahead of the big match on Sunday

Legon cities last five games played,they have managed to win three draw one and loss one and have scored 8 and conceded four (4)

Hearts of oak on the other in their last five games played, have recorded only one (1) win loss two (2) and draw (2) and have scored three (3) and conceded four (4)

The two sides have meet twenty (20) times in competitive league with legon cities formally Wa all stars winning ten (10) and hearts of oak winning six (6)

Legon cities formally Wa all stars have recorded six(6) home wins, four (4) away win and hearts of oak, recording five (5) home win and one (1) away win

The last five (5) matches between the two side legon cities formally Wa all stars has won two (2) and hearts of oka also having two (2) win and one (1) has been a draw game

The last time both team played, legon cities formally Wa all stars beats hearts of oak three (3) goals to one(1) and they won the trophy that year

Going into this match, we will see more goals because hearts of oak is coming into the game with two straight loss and legon cities with a draw in their last two matches .

Hearts legon cities match preview.

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