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CAF Secretary General Abdel Bah has confirmed that the 2023 African Cup of Nations will be held in the summer between June and July.

The General Secretary revealed that the host nation for the 2023 AFCON Ivory Coast did not inform CAF of their interest in making changes to the date of the tournament and as such, the competition will be held as planned.

“As of today, the 2023 Nations Cup is planned for June/July because, to make it clear, in the regulations we have decided to play all Nations Cups in June/July,” Abdel Bah told BBC Sports Africa.

He then mentioned that the 2021 AFCON was postponed to January/February after a consultation with Cameroonian authorities made it clear that it would be ideal to play the tournament in winter.

“The Nations Cup in Cameroon, after the request of the authorities, was postponed to January/February,” he said.

“As of today, we haven’t received the same request from Ivorian authorities.” added Bah.