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British and Commonwealth super bantamweight champion Brad Foster is helping to relaunch British boxing after helping feed the nation as a key worker for Tesco.

Forster worked nights shift during the lockdown taking care of customers’ orders online while everybody else took safety in the comfort of their homes.

Speaking to Mirror sport ahead of Friday’s event when he will defend his titles against James Beech Junior, he said

“I’m a key worker so I still had to go to work during the lockdown,” the unbeaten Lichfield fighter, who is 12-0-2, told Mirror Sport.

“I have a part-time job, working nights at Tesco. I do the online side of things, so when people put in their order, I get it all ready.

“I wasn’t worried about catching Covid-19 because I like to think I’m a healthy young man so that if I did get Covid-19, I’d get over it. I don’t live my life in fear.

“I like to be busy in life and I’d rather be out there working than sitting at home doing nothing.”

“It feels pretty good to be headlining the first show back,” said Foster, who was a kickboxing champion before he turned pro at 18. “I was last out on the 22nd of February. Then the lockdown happened, boxing stopped and I was a bit down.

“Then it was announced I would be fighting on the first show back and I want to grab this chance.

“I don’t feel under any extra pressure. I’m focused on myself and I want to keep that Lonsdale belt. When I win this one, I’ll have it outright.

“That’s massive motivation for me to make sure that belt comes home with me. It’s a great belt to have isn’t it with all its history? It’ll be something to show my grandkids.”