Xabi Prieto ‘optimistic’ that Martin Odegaard will stay at Real Sociedad

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Former skipper of Real Sociedad Xabi Prieto has stated that he is confident that his old side will be able to convince Real Madrid loanee Martin Odegaard to extend his stay at the club after a successful loan spell.

“I don’t know what the situation is with [Odegaard], but every time I hear him speak, he makes me optimistic as he seems very settled in San Sebastian,” Prieto told Gol Television.

“That, alongside the possibility of playing in Europe next year, could also influence his decision a lot and hopefully we can enjoy another year of watching Martin playing for Real Sociedad.”

Prieto sees no winners or losers from the three month football suspension and believes that every team will be affected in the same way.

“There will definitely be consequences, but every team will be in the same situation and every team has had the same amount of time to prepare themselves,” Prieto highlighted.

He further explained that the new five substitution rule will be very beneficial to the various teams in the coming weeks.

“The coaches will definitely like the change and it is definitely a good decision,” he said.