Low plans to use Goretzka in an unfamiliar position

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Germany head coach Joachim Low has disclosed his plan to use Bayern Munich midfielder Leon Goretzka in the right-back position.

With 2 goals and 3 assists Goretzka has impressed in the middle of the park after the Bundesliga returned to action a couple of weeks ago.

“It was always my idea to use him as a full-back because he can also be this type of player,” the 60-year-old said in an interview with Kicker.

However, he revealed why he is yet to put his plans into action.

“He’s never played this role,” he said. “Games and training are necessary for this. Why his dynamism, his feeling for the ball and his understanding of the game, he would be an option.”

Low feels Goretzka could play in a more advanced role because of the qualities he possess.

“He is a player with a combination of a lot of dynamism, very good technique and good positional ability,” he said. “From the central position he exudes – and this is what sets him apart – a goal scoring threat because he keeps pushing forward. He knows how to score with his right and left foot, as well as his head. That’s why I think we’ll see him in a more attacking central role in the coming years.”

The German boss also praised the midfielder for his excellent attitude.

“He’s very critical and is aware of trends and what’s going on around him,” he said. “He’s very good to talk to for young players. He’s someone who thinks outside the box and it’s interesting to talk to him. He’s also got a very acute sense of justice.”