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The lovers of the English Premiere league will know Peter Drury who is known for his comical act of commentary that will just make you increase the volume of your tv or radio set.

Below are some of his hilarious comments during his commentary:

Peter Drury: – “You would look at this Messi guy and will be asking yourself “Is this the same football which troubles Rashford & Lingard?”

Peter Drury:- ” Arsenal on yellow jersey top. They just need green shorts to become Norwich”

Peter Drury– “You look at Marcus Rashford, he has the speed and the shooting style of Cristiano Ronaldo but the brains of Christian Benteke”

Peter Drury– “Liverpool ruthless, Norwich toothless, there is difference between champion league and championship” this poetry is causing orgasm among football fans..Anfield is rioting

Peter Drury:- “Spain on the plane, or Spain in the Russian rain”
“You’ve heard of ‘SharapOVA’
You’ve heard of ‘KornokOVA’
Now,it’s all OVER.”
For Spain, it’s pain”

Peter Drury– “Pique climbed high,
But Dzuba climbed higher,
And Russia as a nation rose highest;
140million people,
There are Decibels,
And then, there’s this”.

Peter Drury-: At the final whistle Russia vs Spain, he goes like this

” There will be a party, a Russia party. This nation is going to dance on their Saturday night to Sochi “

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