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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has urged Ivorian winger Nicholas Pepe to produce more consistent performances to gain a regular spot in the North London club’s starting lineup.

It is fair to say that the winger has failed to justify his huge price tag after being signed from French Club Lille for  £72million.

Ahead of the encounter against Brighton on Saturday, Arteta has encouraged the player to up his game.

Arteta told Metro: ‘It’s clear that his [Pepe’s] consistency has not been at the level he can produce,’

‘He’s the first to accept that. That’s what I’m going to demand of a player of his level and calibre.

‘He has to be producing every three days at the level that he can be.’

The Arsenal boss wants his improvement on the field of play to go beyond just scoring goals.

Arteta added: ‘He has to be a player that can make the difference that is a threat that generates fear in the opponent and gives us a big threat in the final third.

‘His work rate has to be related as well with that kind of performance. He knows that.

‘He’s such a nice kid. He’s trying really hard. You have to accept as well, the timing and the way he has adapted for the first year.

‘A lot has happened for him and we have to understand that. He’s willing and I’m sure we’re going to get the best out of that. I’m convinced of that.’

Arteta said: ‘It’s taking the flash moments into a consistent mode. That, for a creative wide player to do it, is a big task. Every detail has to be taken into account because it makes a huge difference.

‘His mentality as well, his mindset has to all the time be like that; to win the game for the team.

‘He’s one of the players in the squad that can do it and must take the responsibility.’