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Sevilla in conjunction with La Liga have signed a three and a half-year agreement with Tanzanian club Young Africans with the aim of improving the quality of football in the East African country.

The project will focus on sporting management, economic management and the activities of the followers of the Tanzanian club as well as the organizational structure and business of football.

This program which intends to educate the African side was conceived from a sponsorship deal with the Tanzanian logistics, transport and tourist services company GSM Group.

The La Liga International Development Director, Óscar Mayo said: “Our international strategy, as well as having a presence and increasing interest in the competition, has the aim of making football grow on a local level. We think that increasing interest in football in each country is good for everyone“.

“It will be three-and-a-half year agreement, in which we will advise them in management and activities with the fans, digital transformation, marketing and sales, economic control, digitalisation or international development”. Mayo added.

Cruz feels that this project will benefit all parties involved.

The general director of Sevilla FC, José María Cruz said: “In these complicated moments for travel, the idea is that the work is more telematic and as soon as the sanitary circumstances allow it we can complement it with the presence of our technicians there in Tanzania

Just like when we have asked LaLiga for help to go to an international market we have had it, when they ask us for help in a specific country we have thrown ourselves into it. We understand that there has to be a joint work”, considers Cruz.