Jamie Carragher reveals what his reaction to ‘Project restart’ would be if he was still playing

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Jamie Carragher has disclosed what his reaction to the possible resumption of the League would be if he was still playing football

The Premier League bosses have made their intentions to restart the 2019/2020 football season quite clear with a number of issues yet to be resolved before an official date can be given on exactly when the campaign will commence.

However, not everyone supports the idea of a restart with a number of Premier League players voicing their concerns on the matter.

But Carragher has backed the decision to restart the Premier League insisting that the safest work place during this coronavirus era would be the field of play.

“I have given plenty of thought to how I would have reacted if I was still a professional footballer in this situation,” Carragher wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“I can state with absolute honesty I would want to play again as soon as I was told it was safe to do so.

“I say that as someone who loved the game so much I could not wait for a match day and hated going so long without it.

“Not all players are the same. Many of those I played with were like me, and only missed matches when they were 100 per cent injured.

“I could name plenty of others who were more inclined to find a reason to miss games and would only play if they were 100 percent fit.”

He added: “There is no reason to believe it is any different in squads across the country now, albeit the circumstances are far more serious.

“Many will consider the risk minor given the pandemic has been shown to affect a low proportion of fit and healthy young adults. Others will consider even a small percentage of risk too much.

“All views must be respected because players are not only thinking about the repercussions for their own health, but those of their family in the event of being infected.”