Was Alex Smith drafted No. 1 because of Urban Meyer?

Introduction: Alex Smith and Urban Meyer

In the world of American football, few figures are as well-known as Alex Smith and Urban Meyer. Smith, a quarterback, was drafted first overall by the San Francisco 49ers in 2005. Meyer, meanwhile, is a decorated coach who has led multiple teams to victories at the college level and beyond. But was Smith's success in the draft truly due to Meyer's coaching prowess? In this article, I'll delve into this question and try to uncover the real story behind Smith's number one draft pick.

The College Years: Smith Under Meyer's Wing

The story begins at the University of Utah, where Alex Smith played under Urban Meyer. Meyer's coaching style was innovative and his offensive schemes were complex. Alex Smith thrived under his guidance, showing a remarkable ability to understand and execute Meyer's complicated game plans. His success in college led to his high draft rank, but was this solely due to Meyer's impact?

Smith's Natural Talent

While it's undeniable that Meyer's coaching played a role in Smith's college success, it's important to note that Smith was no ordinary player. He possessed natural talent, with a remarkable ability to read defenses and make accurate throws. This, coupled with his physical readiness for the NFL's demanding play, made him a prime candidate for any team seeking a quarterback.

Meyer's Influence on Smith's Draft

Urban Meyer was a well-respected coach, and his endorsement of Smith undoubtedly had an impact on his draft position. However, it's also crucial to remember that Smith's raw talent and potential were evident to scouts and team managers. Meyer's influence may have helped, but it was not the sole factor.

Smith's Performance in the NFL

After being drafted, Smith had a rocky start in the NFL, struggling to find his footing with the 49ers. This led some to question whether his college success was mainly due to Meyer's system. Yet, Smith eventually proved his worth, leading the Kansas City Chiefs to multiple playoff appearances and even making it to the Washington Football Team.

Urban Meyer's Track Record

Looking at Meyer's coaching career, it's clear that he has a knack for developing talented players. Other quarterbacks who played under Meyer, such as Tim Tebow and J.T. Barrett, have also enjoyed successful careers. Yet, it's also true that not every player he coached became a star. This suggests that while Meyer's coaching can enhance a player's potential, it does not guarantee success.

Comparing Other Players Coached by Meyer

When comparing Smith to other players coached by Meyer, it's apparent that his natural abilities set him apart. While Meyer's system undoubtedly helped him develop, it was Smith's talent and determination that truly made him a top draft pick.

Evaluating Smith's Draft Without Meyer

Would Alex Smith have been drafted first overall without Urban Meyer? It's impossible to say for certain. However, considering Smith's talent and the high demand for quality quarterbacks in the NFL, it seems likely that Smith would have still been a high draft pick, even without Meyer's endorsement.

Conclusion: The Meyer-Smith Dynamic

In conclusion, while Urban Meyer's coaching undoubtedly played a role in Alex Smith's college success and draft rank, it was not the defining factor. Smith's natural talent, work ethic, and readiness for the NFL were crucial to his draft position. Meyer's influence was important, but it was Smith who ultimately made himself a number one draft pick.