Elmina Sharks Head Coach Yaw Acheampong bemoans of not being paid for three months

Yaw Acheampong, the head coach Elmina Sharks has urged fans of the club to rally behind the players and motivate them instead of bastardizing them.

Fans of the club went wild on the coach and his players following their home-draw with Berekum Chelsea in the Ghana Premier League.

The fans directed abusive words at the players and demonstrated for the dismissal of Yaw Acheampong.

Reacting to the harsh treatment by supporters, Yaw Acheampong revealed that the players lack the motivation to excel because they have not been paid their salaries for months.

He disclosed that some of the players have offered to terminate their contract with the club due to the club’s inability to settle their salaries.

It also came to light in the interview with Rainbow radio that players of the female club have not been paid.

The former Black Stars player said that he will take legal action against any supporter who abuses him or any of the players.

“I have a rich experience. I have played in Spain, Sweden. I have had it all before coming to Elmina Sharks. So, if come to the football park to insult the coach and a player; I have decided to report anyone who will insult me to the police. For three months, I have not received my salary. I have spoken to players of Sea Lions, they are hungry. They play matches and have nothing to eat.

“It would rather be prudent to support us with your money than to insult us. You cannot come to the park and insult the coach and players when they are sacrificing for the team. I have not received my salary for three months. I have children at home. I did not come to do charity work. Those insulting me, would they have worked if they are paid for three months?”. He fumed.


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